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‘Trash the Dress’

I have always wanted to do a ‘trash the dress’  photoshoot, but in the UK I have never found a bride and groom brave enough or willing to put their wedding finery at risk.  As Nick and Kerry had arranged their wedding at relatively short notice,  there was not time to undertake the traditional engagement shoot or pre-wedding photoshoots which are included with all of my wedding packages, so I agreed to do a post wedding shoot – the day after the wedding.  I jokingly dropped into the conversation that it would be great to do a trash the dress shoot…I shouldn’t really have been surprised when Nick and Kerry with big grins agreed and thought it a wonderful idea!  Full marks for this couple, was there anything that would phase them?

It was an early-ish start the day after the wedding.  Nick and Kerry no doubt were feeling a bit fragile, it was raining and it was cold.  I had agreed to meet them both at Garlieston, in the car park near to the beach.  I was there a little earlier than I needed to be to do a last minute location scout.  As the clock ticked round to our agreed meeting time, there was no sign of them.  I waited for a while longer as the rain pounded on the car roof and still no sign.  I thought that it was a big ask, I said to my self and at that same moment my phone rang.  It was Nick, asking where I was?  It appears that our wires had got crossed and they were waiting at the beach around half a mile away.  We quickly put that right and met up a closed petrol station which we used as our first back drop.

We then used two other locations before moving down to the beach.  I was still convinced that Nick and Kerry would not go through with the final shoot, on the beach, in the water.  But too my amazement (and theirs I think), they did.

The shoot was hilarious and we got some great images. Nick and Kerry were a great couple to work with, relaxed, willing to take a risk and into each other.  What more could a photographer ask for?  My first ever ‘trash the dress’ photoshoot.  I loved it!



Trash the Dress

Trash the Dress

Trash the Dress



Dan Baillie

Wedding and portrait photographer from Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. Covering weddings and special events throughout Scotland.

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