Well what a day it was! Katie and David were married  at The Cocoa Bean Company in Twynholm. The weather was a constant challenge, it was sunny, then it rained, then it was sunny again, then overcast, then more rain, then more sunshine. But the weather didn’t matter a bit. The day was fabulous from beginning to end. We had huge fun taking the photographs including getting caught in a storm and having to shelter in a nearby greenhouse which leaked so badly that we also had to put an umbrella up to stay dry 🙂

The day started with early morning bridal preparations at Katie and David’s house in Castle Douglas.  The champagne was flowing as the girls had hair and makeup applied.  I took the opportunity to get some of the detail shots whilst the girls were getting ready before rejoining them to get some photographs of them enjoying the moment.  We left around lunchtime to join up with the boys at the Cocoa Bean in Twynholm which offers outdoor ceremonies conducted at a lovely bandstand or indoor weddings in a luxury marquee, this makes it an ideal wedding venue.

Katie and David were hoping for an outdoor wedding.

David, or Bim as he is known to his friends was the first to arrive followed shortly after by the rest of the groomsmen.  We had a round of photographs in the grounds, but then it started to rain so we headed into the marquee.  Decisions had to be made fairly quickly over whether to hold out for an outdoor ceremony or whether to move the wedding indoors, there was a fierce amount of sky watching that took place over the next half an hour and in the end as the sky got darker and the rain got heavier it was decided to move indoors.  This didn’t matter one bit as the inside was just as beautiful as the outside.

Katie arrived dead on time and by this point the rain had reduced to a slight drizzle so we were able to grab a few photographs outside before heading in to the marquee.  There was a big surprise during the ceremony when the minister picked up her guitar to lead one of the songs.  After a fabulous ceremony we once again moved outside to find that the sun was shining and all was good, for about twenty minutes, which was just enough time to get the group shots done.

Katie, David and I then took the opportunity to head to nearby Cally Palace Hotel where they would be spending their wedding night to get a few photographs in the grounds.  The excursion started with promise but then the heavens opened again and there was torrential rain, we manage to take refuge in a greenhouse, but the roof leaked and we debated whether it was drier inside or out.  You can see in one of their photographs just how much rain fell in 15 minutes by the size of the puddle and the colour of the sky.

Afterwards we drove the few miles back to the Cocoa Bean where they had a speaches followed by a fabulous wedding breakfast. Then there was more sunshine, dancing, moonlight and love and romance…

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