When it comes to your Wedding Day you want to look amazing, whether you wear makeup daily or on special occasions only, you want to look and feel amazing. 

You may be good at doing your own makeup, or have a friend whose makeup always looks great, so you may wonder if you should get a friend to do it or do it yourself.  Why pay and have an added expense of hiring a Professional Makeup Artist?

I see this quite a lot, Bridesmaids who do beautiful makeup on themselves, they use the right colours and shades that suit them.  Then they will do another Bridesmaids makeup, and use the exact same makeup and shades on them, and guess what?  It doesn’t look the same, maybe the colour is wrong for the eyeshadow, maybe the foundation shade is too dark or light, it could be the placement of bronzer, maybe it’s too dark a shade.

 A professional Makeup Artist should have a great makeup kit with products and brands that are tried and tested and work well for the Artist to cover every single client they have.  If you were to invest in items yourself to recreate a similar look, it would end up being very expensive.  To create long lasting wedding makeup there are so many products needed.  One person needs perhaps two or three different eyeshadow palettes, a cream eyeshadow base in a range of different shades.  As well as concealer, they may need to a colour corrector, and a few different shades of concealer, not just one, setting powders, setting sprays, about twenty different lipstick shades, then there is the lip glosses, the list goes on.   

On a wedding day time is a big factor.  If you have a Bridesmaid doing your makeup or you if you are doing your own, then this will eat into your time together enjoying your wedding morning, you want to have fun getting ready, you want to feel pampered too.  If you are doing your own makeup you will likely be concentrating on that, and what if you can’t get something right, it could add unnecessary stress.

If you have decided to do your own makeup, why not have a lesson from a Professional Makeup Artist.  They can give you tips and tricks to make sure you use the correct products and techniques to ensure your makeup lasts all day.  They can also recommend products to use and provide a list of all the products you would need.

This blog post was guest written by Hania McIntyre from Make Up By Hania is a professional Makeup Artist based in Dumfries and Galloway. She can be contacted on 07912 644630 or you can find out more on her website.

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