engagement photoshoot.

 I love to get to know all of my couples and I also know that most couples are worried about having their photograph taken. This is where the engagement photoshoot comes in!

A number of months before the wedding we can meet up at a location and we go for a short walk. The walk lasts around 45 minutes, don’t worry there’s lots of stopping to get your breath. Along the way we chat about your wedding plans and the timeline for your big day and I’ll take some photographs as we go. The benefits to this are:

  1. You get to experience what it is like to have your photograph taken by a professional photographer and you get the chance to see that you both look great in photographs. So you can stop worrying about this part of your wedding day and just leave it all to me.
  2. We get to chat about your wedding plans, I can explain the photography process and you can ask any questions.
  3. We get to know each other a little. This is a great help on your wedding day, we are no longer strangers.
  4. You get a bit of a practice run and the next time we meet the venue will be different and you will be in an amazing dress.
  5. You get some great photographs prior to your wedding day which you can share with your friends and family and which will build their excitement to the max. Now you will have to endure them telling you how cute you both are and what a lovely looking couple you are…

The cost of an engagement photoshoot is just £100 and includes all of the digital images.

If you would like to book an engagement photoshoot then you can enquire here.

engagement photoshoot
engagement photoshoot
engagement photoshoot
engagement photoshoot