It was overcast and windy as Rachael and Gary arrived for their engagement shoot at Ballantrae.  We spent ten minutes discussing last minute wedding plans and we were blessed by the sun coming out from behind the clouds – so we got started with the shoot, the wind didn’t die down, but you can’t have everything can you?

Rachael and Gary had traveled from Devon in England and had spent a few days in Edinburgh before making the journey to meet me for their engagement shoot at Ballantrae.   As they lived so far away we had agreed that we would do their complimentary engagement shoot the evening before the wedding.   The wedding was to be held the next day at the beautiful Glenapp Castle located just outside Ballantrae and hidden in 36 acres of glorious garden and woodland.

Like most couples Rachael and Gary were apprehensive about having their photographs taken, however this soon subsided as relaxed and we enjoyed a few jokes and got to know each other,  the shoot then took care of itself.

Here are a few of their photographs.