I was contacted via Twitter by local author Jayne Baldwin,  Jayne required a new headshot for several projects that she is currently working on.  I had previously taken a portrait of Jayne in 2009 when her book West Over The Waves was published.  West Over The Waves tells the fascinating story of Elsie Mackay´s courageous Atlantic adventure bringing to life this thrilling tale from the history of aviation and featured on BBC Radio 4’s Making History.

Jayne worked as a newspaper journalist for many years.   In addition to her book West Over the Waves she has  also written a children’s book ‘The Belties of Curleywee Farm‘ published by Galloway Children’s Books.  Jayne works as an editor and publicist in addition to a number of blogs and online publications.

The brief for the photograph was simple she wanted a modern, uptodate, portrait that she could use as a profile photograph on her twitter stream and would also be suitable to include as an authors headshot in her forthcoming publications.  As it was snowing outside, she also wanted the photoshoot to be indoors.

I setup a simple set with a bookcase and books as a backdrop and this was lit by ambient light only.  I then lit Jayne by one key light through a white shoot through umbrella camera left.  A reflector positioned on Jaynes lap acted as a simple fill.

The end result is a versatile natural looking portrait and  headshot that will assist in visually representing her on her publications, projects and social media streams.