Rona and Craig got married at the spectacular Knockinaam Lodge, Portpatrick,  It was a crazy wedding, with cardboard rabbits on the lawn and beach-themed decor.

The ceremony

The ceremony took place next to a beach near the old boating shed. The ceremony area was outdoors, which was perfect for the surroundings, because it was such a gorgeous day. The ceremony began with the couple saying personal vows they’d written themselves, and finished with a big cheer from everyone. It was a beautiful ceremony, full of excited hand squeezes and nervous giggles.

After the ceremony, the couple mingled with their guests, which was the perfect time for me to get candid photos. Then we went to the beach for photos, which I love doing. I got some stunning couples photos with the fantastic beach backdrop – Rona and Craig had previously had an engagement shoot with me and so were really relaxed for their photographs and knew just what to expect. After a short session on the beach we did a few more at the hotel before taking the group photographs. The weather was all sunshine and blue skies, it was a beautiful day.

The reception

Rona and Craig chose to have their wedding at Knockinaam Lodge because it’s where they always go on special date nights, and it’s so cosy and relaxed. Knockinaam Lodge is an old hunting lodge, which was once visited by Winston Churchill for a secret meeting, and it’s got a really romantic feel to it, especially at sunset when the sky can be amazing.

For the reception, the couple had planned a pirtate theme. Rona and Craig had got engaged on “Talk like a Pirate Day” and had also chosen to get married on the same date a few years later! A jazz band provided the music for their guests, and everyone had a blast – Everyone was then called in for the wedding breakfast, which was a superb Michelin-star dinner. It was absolutely delicious. They had speeches before the meal, which were really funny – it was hard to look through my camera viewfinder I was laughing that hard.

The evening

After the meal was finished, they had their first dance, and the evening kicked off. The live jazz band kept everyone entertained all evening.

The evening ended with fireworks, which was incredible – it was a really romantic way for them to finish their day. The whole wedding was the most fun, from the bride’s awesome dress to the fireworks at the end. This is why I love a wedding at Knockinaam Lodge. One of the funniest moments of the wedding was creating a fun photograph where the couple and their guests were chased by a lego pirate figure, because everyone really entered into the spirit of the photographs and had such a great time making it. The bride’s shoes were also a talking point of the wedding – as she sported a lovely pair of bright wellies for her beach photographs.

I loved this wedding at Knockinaam wedding so much. If you’re getting married and looking for an outdoor wedding photographer, get in touch. Here are the photos!