” We searched for local photographers and made a list. We loved Dan’s photos and the way he combined art with authentic photography. We knew he would capture our day beautifully. The most incredible part of our experience of working with him was that he felt like a friend spending time with us during our wedding. We had so much fun and it truly shows in our photos. “

Katie and Chris contacted me from the USA with exciting plans for their Scottish wedding. They were having their wedding day at Dunskey House in Portpatrick and their closest friends and family were also coming to join the celebrations.

They met in 2001 when Chris’s mum and step-father moved next door to Katie’s parents in Florida. Chris was away at University at the time but Katie quickly became firm friends with Chris’s brother Trey and cousin Lauren. Flash forward and Chris graduated and went to flight school to qualify as a pilot. In 2007 Chris finally met Katie but it wasn’t until 2012 that they officially became a couple.

In September 2017, Chris planned a trip for the two to visit Tokyo. He wanted to fly on the 747 before it was retired for US passenger travel. About two hours into the 13-hour flight, Chris got up to get something out of the overhead bin. He said, “this is a big trip so I wanted to make it special” and got down on one knee in the aisle between the seats. Katie cried and laughed and asked if Chris was serious. It wasn’t until Chris specifically asked for an answer that Katie responded with a “yes”. One of the many flight attendants on the giant plane heard he had just proposed and brought Chris and Katie champagne along with memorabilia from the plane’s and airline’s historic past and a card signed by all of the flight attendants. Upon landing, the flight attendants asked for photos with the couple and made an announcement to the entire plane about the new engagement.

Close family and friends stayed at Dunskey House and it was here that our morning began. Katie and Chris got ready in separate rooms, the girls drank champagne and the boys had beer or whisky. Katie wore an amazing fitted long wedding dress. Katie had no idea what type of dress she might choose. She tried on 87 dresses in a range of styles over 4 days in 2 cities. Thanks to some very dedicated consultants, she eventually found her dress. Chris wore a custom kilt in his family’s tartan, crest, and other clan details.

Once they were both ready they met on the stairs for the ‘first look’ which is a US wedding tradition, where the couple get to see each other alone in their wedding dress before the ceremony. The first look was their favourite part of the day, Katie said ” All morning felt like I was preparing for this moment, to see each other and be together. It was just us and it felt like every aspect of planning led to this moment. We cried, smiled, and laughed (and I think finally breathed for the first time all day). It was amazing to have Dan there to have photographs of this moment, yet we were able to feel like it was just the two of us.

It was then time for the main event and we headed into the small harbour village of Portpatrick to Portpatrick Parish church where they were married.

After a beautiful ceremony, we had a short photo session in the harbour and on the beach. This was Chris’s favourite part of the day, he said ” We had the time all to ourselves. We talked and laughed while we were walking, we could be together and just enjoy. Plus, the photos are just amazing.”

Photos done we joined the wedding guests back at Dunskey House for the wedding breakfast, speeches and an awesome party!

Their first dance was to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”. Katie said “The year before our wedding, we went to Italy with Chris’ family. One evening in Rome, we went for appetizers and negronis at a rooftop bar above Piazza Navona. When it got dark, we went back down to the square to check out some local art. While walking around, a street performer played an instrumental version of “Perfect”. Chris grabbed my hand and we danced in the middle of the square.”

Katie and Chris said ” We love to travel. We are from the US and we wanted to have a wedding in a different country to encourage family and friends who have always wanted to travel but had never found the time. Scotland is one of our favourite places and our families have ties to the country. Scotland is also a relatively short flight from the east coast of the States so we knew it would be a possibility for most of our family members. Once we decided on Scotland, we wanted to find a place where we could all stay together. Chris did all of the research on different places we could stay in Scotland and Dunskey was at the top of our list. We weren’t even sure it was a definite possibility when Chris had a dream about getting married there and we decided we had to try to make it work! “

Scotland and Dunskey are so beautiful that they wanted minimal decor. They really wanted to highlight the surroundings and enjoy the location, so beautiful flowers from Andrea’s Florist were the only addition that they incorporated.

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First Look at Dunskey House
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Wedding Reception at Dunskey House
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