Weddings – a big day, small day, or anywhere-in-between day.

The last twelve months have left many people unsure of how their wedding celebrations will play out. Dates have been changed, arrangements rearranged and guest lists undecided. What’s heart-warming throughout the pandemic, is the strength of love that prevails. For one another, for family, for friends and the drive to celebrate togetherness. As soon as the restrictions are lifted, I’m sure the floodgates will open! I’m excited to be able to see smiles again, to see people hugging and to be part of those celebrations.

Already, our couples are excited and striving towards that time! I love hearing the stories behind the plans. What bonds them together, their themes, their colours. Every wedding is unique and different in their own detail.
What better way to set the tone of your wedding day, and to get your guests excited, than a bespoke set of wedding stationery. It’s the first glimpse of what’s to come!

We love creating wedding stationery tailored to suit each couple. We specialise in letterpress printing on our vintage printing presses – perfect for an important event! Our cards are very tactile, the design is deeply pressed into the surface of our premium card. They feel as good as they look! We also offer a digital printing service, for more restricted budgets. The design is still tailored to suit you, but the printing process (flat print onto the surface of the card) has less material costs, is less labour intensive and therefore it’s a bit more economical.

Whatever your choice, we’re here to help with your stationery needs – from save the dates and invitations, to on-the-day items, and of course thank you cards! We even do beautiful, luxury sets of personalised correspondence cards, for when you change your name!

Let’s raise a glass!..

[This is a guest blog provided by Yield Ink]