I just wanted to write a quick post about wedding videos.  I am often asked if this is also a service which I provide.  It isn’t, however over the years I have worked with a number of professional videographers and film makers and so I am happy to give recommendations and contact details to couples that are enquiring.  Over the last two years I have found myself working alongside Drew Johnstone, owner of a small wedding film production company Jst Married, which offers beautiful wedding movies. A memorable wedding was Eilidh & Scotts wedding in Stranraer where once again we made a pretty good team.  The relationship between your wedding photographer and videographer is very important as  there are two different creative processes at play and both need to anticipate and accommodate each other when capturing images, either still or moving, after all, together they are creating the beautiful story of your day.

I spoke to Drew a few weeks ago and he was telling me that he is now CAA approved and the owner of a shiny new unmanned aerial vehicle, more commonly referred to as a drone.  This opens up a whole new creative option for Drews awesome film making.  It is only a few weeks now until our next wedding but meanwhile check out Drews video link below of Eilidh & Scotts wedding in Stranraer.

Eilidh & Scott Stranaer Wedding Video from JstRoll Media on Vimeo.